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The Internet as the New Green?

In November I already wrote of the possibility to see movements, dealing critically with technology, taking a development similar to the idea of the green in the 1980s. Recently I found a news item quite interesting with respect to this connection. The screenshot above is taken from Spiegel Online, which arguably is the largest online news portal in Germany. It shows people taking part in the largest protest against nuclear power for more than 20 years. What I think is interesting about the article is the connection between the anti-nuclear movement and movements concerned with the Internet. The headline somehow strangely connects the “leakage” of data, dealing with the selection of final storage sites for nuclear waste, with the protest against nuclear power plants. It roughly reads “Confidental Gorleben-Files freely available on the Internet” next to the photograph of two protesters. Whilst the protest and the leakage of confidental files are only loosely connected, the article positions the Internet as some kind of protest space and puts two distinct movements in the same corner. Although the composition of the news item might just be a coincidence I think that it is quite telling regarding the larger discourse of Internet politics and its potential to become the green of the 2010s.


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